What is the big deal about big data?

25 Jun What is the big deal about big data?

time-for-change-314x160 If you can answer this question for your organization, you are on your way to understanding the benefits you can achieve from processing and analyzing big data. Big data is essentially about solving problems to gain competitive advantage so your organization can develop innovative new business models that drive increased revenue, improve operational efficiency, and connect better with customers. Almost every industry has sources of big data that can provide value.


Which business process or operational issue would you like to address?

Pilot scenarios / Use cases

  1. IoT (Internet of Things) sensor data
    1. Real- time data points from sensors which can be actioned to predict and prevent outcomes
  2. Distributed decision making
    1. Extend visual insights to any role with ad hoc analysis and tailored dashboards
  3. Executive Dashboard
    1. View of all Key Performance Indicators across departments / channels
  4. Centralized Reports
    1. One version of the truth
  5. ETL (Extract Transfer &Load)
    1. Instantaneous new data sets, ad hoc analysis
    2. 50% faster decision making
  6. Operational analysis
    1. Service Level Agreement Management
    2. Root cause analysis , minimizes mean time to repair
  7. Financial transactions
    1. Analysis of transactional data
    2. Real time view of transactions
  8. Customer’s sentiment
    1. Real time view of what do your customers think about you?
    2. Social network: Twitter, Face book etc…
  9. Measure success of new product launches, marketing campaigns, adverting spent ROI
    1. Identify opportunities, quickly align your resources against a single marketing plan, and manage the budgets to make real-time adjustments. Improve your visibility of marketing plans, processes and outcomes, to increase collaboration across the entire marketing organization.
  10. Omni channel
    1. Follow the customer to complete transaction
    2. Starting mortgage application on a smart phone and finishing it in the branch or tablet.
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