Big Data Pilot Program


  • Requirements and Planning

    Define and articulate Big Data Solution requirements, scoping and planning

  • Solution Outline

    Create a conceptual high-level view of the solutions by defining the components of the solutions and the scope

  • Macro/Micro Design

    Top-level logical design for the big data solution including the data integration system, data repositories, the analytics system and the access system.
    Deliver the final, detailed set of blue prints for the building the big data solution

  • Build

    Construct the big data solution/environments including the data integration system, the data repositories, the analytics system and the access system

  • Deploy

    Implement the big data solutions in the productions environment and deliver to the user community. Training and knowledge tranfer

DataReady Real-time Big Data Pilot Program – SWAT Team


Our Pilot process is for companies who wish to explore business and operational use cases in partnership with DataReady Technologies. This four week process is designed to produce immediate tangible results for your company and serve as the foundation for further Big Data development in support of the business.


In order to showcase the business and operational benefits of Big Data technology, DataReady subject matter experts will work with you to design your use case for optimal return on investment and business value.


This Pilot program allows for one use case designed around up to 5 different types of data events (structured or unstructured ) or schema and up to 10 different sources from existing data sets from your devices, database, data warehouse or entirely new data feeds outside of your enterprise. Visualization will consist of one easy to use dashboard  based on presentation of up to 5 different business metrics (Key Performance Indicators) from the available data sets.


DataReady SWAT Team Pilot Timeline: – 160 hours  – 4 Weeks

  • Week 1 – requirements gathering solution scope and system architecture
  • Week two & three – customization and implementation
  • Week 4 – deployment , tune and observe metrics in real-time
  • Presentation of results and business case


Pilot Environment:

  • 30 Day Trial/Pilot license for the DataReady Solution Accelerators
  • Hadoop Environment
    • 30 Day Trial/Pilot license for the IBM Biginsights Enterprise Edition 4.0
    • Or Apache Hadoop & Spark Implementation
  • Analyzing Data in Motion (Real-time data analysis )
    • 30 Day Trial/Pilot license for the IBM Streams 4.0
    • Or STORM
  • 5 Node Hadoop deployment in DataReady Environment
  • 30 Days access to the environment
  • Data Transfer/Storage cap 100 GB
  • 9-5 pm support during the Pilot period
  • Customer need to provide access to external feeds that they require us to integrate


Register today for more information on this exciting opportunity to quickly deploy and quantify the many business and operational benefits for your own customized Big Data solution.


Pilot business scenarios / use case options:


  1. IoT (Internet of Things) sensor data
    1. Real- time data points from sensors which can be actioned to predict and prevent outcomes
  2. Distributed decision making
    1. Extend visual insights to any role with ad hoc analysis and tailored dashboards
  3. Executive Dashboard
    1. View of all Key Performance Indicators across departments / channels
  4. Centralized Reports
    1. One version of the truth
    2. Executive dashboard
  5. ETL (Extract, Transform &Load)
    1. Instantaneous new data sets, ad hoc analysis
    2. 50% faster decision making
  6. Operational analysis
    1. Service Level Agreement Management
    2. Root cause analysis , minimizes mean time to repair
  7. Financial transactions
    1. Analysis of transactional data
    2. Real time view of transactions
  8. Customer’s sentiment
    1. Real time view of what do your customers think about you?
    2. Social network: Twitter, Facebook etc…
  9. Measure success of new product launches, marketing campaigns, adverting spent ROI
  10. Omni channel
    1. Follow the customer to complete transaction
    2. Starting mortgage application on a smartphone and finishing it in the branch or tablet.
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