Big Data Strategy: Crawl – Walk – Run

26 Jun Big Data Strategy: Crawl – Walk – Run

usecaseBig Data Strategy: Crawl – Walk – Run Approach.

To be successful choose the right “use case” – keep it simple and show immediate results. Prioritize your activities so that those with broad application and high financial impact are first to benefit from analytics.

  • Marketing Campaign Monitoring
  • Performance Measurement
  • Social Network Integration
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources


This means looking for a simpler, easier approach, focused on empowering the decision makers of the enterprise

  • Aim at pilots and programs in target initiatives
  • Build tools and capabilities
  • Align your governance and business processes


DataReady’s Pilot Program for use cases is designed to show immediate success and ultimately acceptance of Big Data’s game changing analytical  empowering decision making insight.

Pilot scenarios / used case options:

  1. Distributed decision making
    1. Extend visual insights to any role with ad hoc analysis and tailored dashboards
  2. Executive Dashboard
    1. View of all Key Performance Indicators across departments / channels
  3. Centralized Reports
    1. One version of the truth
    2. Executive dashboard
  4. ETL (Extract Transfer &Load)
    1. Instantaneous new data sets, ad hoc analysis
    2. 50% faster decision making
  5. Operational analysis
    1. Service Level Agreement Management
    2. Root cause analysis , minimizes mean time to repair
  6. Financial transactions
    1. Analysis of transactional data
    2. Real time view of transactions
  7. Customer’s sentiment
    1. Real time view of what do your customers think about you?
    2. Social network: Twitter, Face book etc…
  8. Measure success of new product launches, marketing campaigns, adverting spent ROI
    1. Identify opportunities, quickly align your resources against a single marketing plan, and manage the budgets to make real-time adjustments.
    2. Improve your visibility of marketing plans, processes and outcomes, to increase collaboration across the entire marketing organization.
  9. Omni channel
    1. Omni delivers a seamless, consistent user experience across all channels, in office, service center, on the web, or via mobile.
  10. IoT (Internet of Things) sensor data


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